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President and CEO

Yvonne R. Davis
President & CEO

Yvonne R. Davis is an internationally recognized leadership development coach, speaker, and award winning journalist. She is an expert in cross-cultural and global emerging markets, understanding what drives government, private sector, and non-governmental organizations in challenging times to bring insight and viable solutions. Throughout her remarkable 20-year plus career, she has spear headed initiatives that impact social and political change, both domestically and internationally. As a hard hitting political columnist, corporate crisis strategist, and seasoned traveler. Ms. Davis has visited 56 countries, enabling her to greatly enhance her knowledge of the world community. She is passionate about critical economic and socio-political issues in the Middle East & North Africa Region, Africa, Central and South Asia, the Balkans and Eastern Europe. She continues to play a crucial role in developing strategies to advance the status of women in these developing regions.   

With an impressive background in communication theory, application, leadership and business ethics and comparative politics, Ms. Davis drives crisis management and negotiation strategy initiatives that are utilized by the public and private sectors. It was through her highly intuitive capabilities and relationship building that she gained great respect as the first woman to teach negotiation skills to Palestinian women leaders. She brings this same ability to her business as a coach and consultant where she works closely with high level officials and key stakeholders to create a unique vision, develop strong leadership, and effect sustainable results. It is her deep knowledge of public affairs, media, and messaging that enables her to design, launch and administer far reaching social media marketing campaigns that educate and influence thinking and behavior. 


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